Thursday, 1 December 2011

Metal symphony.

More times than we can count, the warm metalic sound of our well-used-well-loved Olympia typewriter has lured unsuspecting passers-by inside our store.'But what do you do with it?’We type, silly.
Label names.Prices.Descriptions.Stories.Stickers for small children.Notes for friends.Love letters.
'It certainly has been forever and a day since we heard that lovely sound.’Memories of fathers typing away to the ticking of the grandfather clock - persistent, without rest. Memories of mothers attempting to paint away typing mistakes with 'liquid paper' - persistent, without fail....What is it about typewriters that pulls at our heart strings?The symphony of metal upon metal upon ink ribbon upon paper?The honesty and openness of its mechanics.The simplicity of its 'keyboard'.The beauty of typewriter font. The immediacy of thought to paper.The limited ability to make adjustments.It is also the beginning of many an interesting conversation.'What is that?''A typewriter.''Wow, I have heard about them but never seen one before!''Really? Honestly? Where have you been?''Right here, living in this century! Can you show me how to use it?''Sure... it is easy to make mistakes, but that is part of the fun.''Amazing!!! Unbelievable... can you type a sticker for me to take home please?'...'I've been recommended to visit this store - can you please help me type this out on the typewriter?''My pleasure… what is it for?''Description to attach to an antique piece...''Come back in half an hour and it will be ready!’Half an hour later, he returns with two beautiful bunches of flowers,'Thank you ever so much! Do you know how difficult it is to find someone who uses typewriters?!''Well, ours is here to stay.'- A

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