Saturday, 17 December 2011

Robin, me and Matinee.

When running a business becomes all too much and you question if it is really worth all the madness, a most wonderful thing happens that puts that smile back on your face - yes, it is all worthwhile!

I had a most wonderful time working in the store the other day, playing dress-up with an unassuming customer. When she appeared from behind the change room, we looked at each other with smiles that said it all. The three of us knew it was meant to be. Robin, me and Matinee.

It’s these moments I treasure most as a maker, when a woman so comfortable in her own skin shines in a piece of Mrs Woo. Who would’ve thought, Robin was a closet supermodel too!

The funny thing was when I showed Mr B this picture, he said, “I know that lady! That’s Pat’s mum, Robin!” She is an old school friend’s mum and he’d been working on her property for the past few years. I had no idea! The world became even smaller in our sleepy town.

- Robin, you looked so beautiful and happy in our new dress “Me and Matinee” (well, it’s your dress now in fact ;) that you really made us feel very special. We love that you wore the dress home and got complimented on how beautiful you looked even before you got home! Thank you x Have a wonderful Christmas Day looking and being the fabulous person that you are :)

- J

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