Saturday, 19 January 2013

Back to the future.

Taadaa! We’re in the future!

It really wasn't that long ago we were watching sci-fi films set in the apocalyptic landscape of 2013 where the future is overrun by gnarly humans with big guns and leathery wardrobes. In fact in 2013, we dress like we’re in 1985 - or was it 1995?

Is 2013 really looking like Escape from LA? Or are we Back to the Future II (2015) cut-off and stonewashed, denim-ised and over-sized? Not too far-fetched if we’re on the right Tank Girl (2033) trajectory. However, as our future continues on its increasingly synthesised and complex path, we may just reach The Fifth Element and be glad to have sharply reconstructed wardrobes by Jean Paul Gaultier to take us all the way to the year 2263.

But here we are.
And here’s a sneak peek of our very near future - Autumn Winter 2013.

Coming soon x


  1. Thanks Clare! Feeling less nostalgic, a little more futuristic :) x