Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Going nuts for Bunya.

*Oh dear, it’s another post about food ;)

But I love native foods. I’m perplexed that we have so little access to it and use so little of it in everyday cooking so any chance I get to talk about ‘bushtucker’ or make a lovely dinner with native vegies, I always take up :)

I didn’t manage to take any photographs of the pasta we made because we were too excited and hungry to document it beforehand… but here are the wonderful Bunya Nuts that we had for dinner :) A heavenly gift from South QLD / Northern NSW - from the native Bunya Pine tree :)

...beautiful papery shells of the bunya pine cone encases the almond-shaped nut within...

Beautiful colours.

Beautiful textures.

To get to the fleshy nut inside, we first incised the pointy tops of the shells with secateurs and then boiled them for 20mins to soften. Then we wedged a cleaver in the incised section and chopped the nuts open to reveal the cooked soft chestnutty-kernels within.

We delighted in their simply wonderful nutsome goodness with handmade pasta, garlic, lemon, sea salt, olive oil and truffle oil :)

- R

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