Monday, 23 January 2012

Black water dragons.

Happy New Year!

Farewell to the rascal rabbit and a warm welcome to the black water dragon! 
We hope the brave and mighty dragon, ever-so crafty and enterprising, occasionally quick-tempered but positively passionate, will bring a terrific year to us and you all!

And in the true spirit of Chinese New Year...
we clean the house
we go the market
we prepare
we cook
we cook some more
we eat
we talk
we compare recipes and methods
we rest
we eat some more
we laugh
we make each other eat just a little more
we thank all each other for all the wonderful food 
we complain about how much we ate
we blame each other for making each other eat too much
we argue about whose pineapple tarts taste the best
we pack leftovers to eat for the next 15 days of new year
we roll out the door
like mandarins tumbling down the hill...


Yee sang / lo sang / lo hei - bestest new year salad ever!
With chopsticks in hand, everyone tosses the salad higher and higher together!
The higher the toss, the greater the fortune!

(much of it does land on the table or floor, what remains is eaten very quickly!)

curry leaves, chicken and ginger sauce… steamboat fun for everyone…


...and the best pineapple tarts ever (thank you Jamie!)

...and that was not even half of the feast prepared.

Oh, it is going to be a good year indeed. xxx

- A

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