Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Writer’s Block

"Easy reading is damn hard writing,” stunningly said by 19th Century American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne.

His philosophy certainly applies to many forms of creativity - design, architecture, music composition, story-writing, cooking... and the list goes on.

It is often the designs and creations that are seemingly simple, unassuming, understated but with a strong sense of completion that have travelled the most complex and tumultuous paths to reach their final destination. Immeasurable amounts of time, thought and energy spent testing and refining each piece to arrive at a place it is meant to be is certainly a lifelong pursuit.

We’ve certainly chosen our path - indeed we persist!

It is inevitable that, every so often, we face writer’s block.

Months and months ago when we were designing our Spring Summer range of clothing, we were struggling with Writer's Block but discovered the very thing that impeded us was the same thing to inspire us. Sounds simple enough, but not at the time!

Drawing on some of our favourite tales and genres like existential sci-fi *and making up some in the process, we continue to create characters and stories to wear, like -

Not My Boyfriend's Jacket an oversized and maverick jacket

On the flipside a bold and brass crop pant

Miss Mary Mack sans buttons down the back, but a zipper to unfold you

Behind the sun a top for simple navigation

Now Playing no time like now skirt, pronto!

The Lorax a bold and telling dress

Beneath the moon a dress trajectory into the future and beyond

And these are just the first few of a cast of clear-cut fabrications of our Spring Summer collection Writer’s Block. They’re in-store now for you to encounter, and for them to meet their destiny...

Stay tuned for the next instalment.

~ Thank you again to Nadine Barry for being our fantastically true to life model xxx

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