Monday, 31 December 2012

Ending | Beginning

“I am always hoping to find something through the mere act of living my daily life… I do not work from a desk, and do not have an exact starting point…”
says Rei Kawakubo, the inspiring woman behind Commes des Garcons.

True, true - when we take a step back to look at the year that's been.
It’s been a full-blown year of living|dying, seeking|unyielding, making|deconstructing, shifting|accepting, ending|beginning - intense!

And not done from a desk.

Here, here - a photographic digest of the very busy, bumpy and bounteous 2012 we’ve had!

Wishing you softly and easily flowing into the new year x
With love and blisters, from Mrs Woo and her sisters.

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