Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It takes three to Tango... really.

We twisted and tangled our dear friends Julio Braslavsky and Jessika Schaad to Tango for us at the Newcastle City Council for International Women’s Day event.

I was just thinking about how lovely it was, this Tango they performed under the magnificently huge Earth Ball installation at the Newcastle Museum, and how beautifully they danced to Sentimiento Gaucho - a piece of tango music sung by Argentinean Nelly Omar.

At her 100th birthday last year, Nelly Omar was still on stage, singing, strong as ever.
Such an amazing woman, full of attitude and energy for life - we are so inspired.

Jess looked stunning in the Madness with the Bliss dress with her incredibly high copper-coloured Tango stilettos, and Julio was gorgeous as always in his usual handsome style.

- R

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